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The application of titanium in ocean engineering

The application of titanium in ocean engineering

Sep 14,2022

In ocean engineering, titanium is used; Seawater desalination, offshore oil drilling, Marine energy conversion power stations, etc.
(1) Seawater desalination. There are many aromatic desalination methods,M can be used in the world evaporation.
(82%), of which the multistage rapid hair dosing method (MSF) was used in 67%. The corrosion of backwater on the tube material is very great at high temperature and high flow rate, so many tubes, especially the heated part of the tube are made of drinking material. In 1965, Harvey Aluminum Corporation of the United States built a seawater desalination plant in the Virgin Islands. Its thermal conduits were all 0.7mm seamless titanium pipes with a total length of 1.85 million meters, about 24T, with a daily seawater processing capacity of 1.84 million cubic meters.
(2) Offshore oil drilling. In the ocean flat pipe, Nanyin makes condensate pipe and heat exchange tube, Offshore oil drilling. On offshore platforms, iron is used to make condensate pipes and heat exchange pipes, pumps, valves, pipe fittings, etc. of closed cycle engines; in deep-sea drilling and mining of subsea oil, it is used as riser pipes, prestressed pipe joints, clamps and fittings, etc.
(3) Ocean thermal energy conversion project. On an ocean thermal energy conversion plant, the power system, especially the heat exchanger, is the equipment with the highest metal utilization rate. Because of the low overall cycle efficiency, the heat exchanger must be large. The design principle of power plant system shall be long service life (up to 30 years) and less maintenance. Therefore, materials and manufacturing cost as well as corrosion and abrasion properties of materials must be considered comprehensively when selecting materials. Titanium is undoubtedly the most competitive material.
Titanium addition, titanium is widely used in geothermal energy because it has the advantages of  corrosion resistance to seawater, sulfur-containing gas, vapor and the like, and high specific strength in terms of geothermal energy.



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