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Ruthenium iridium titanium anode for descaling and sterilization of circulating water in power plants

Ruthenium iridium titanium anode for descaling and sterilization of circulating water in power plants

Oct 19,2022
Circulating water system is one of the essential energy media for metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical and building central air-conditioning systems. Improving the utilization rate of circulating water will greatly reduce the water pressure. However, reducing the discharge of circulating water and improving its utilization rate will inevitably bring about problems such as scaling, corrosion of pipes and equipment, and a large number of microorganisms. At present, for industrial circulating water treatment systems, in order to reduce the adverse effects on pipelines and equipment caused by the concentration of salts in the circulating water, the method of adding chemicals is generally used to keep the water quality stable and increase the concentration ratio of the circulating water system. . However, the chemicals used in this method are expensive and have high operating costs. Electrochemical water treatment technology utilizes the electrochemical characteristics of water and minerals in water, and solves the three major problems of scaling, corrosion and algae growth in industrial circulating water by adjusting the balance of minerals in water, and fundamentally solves the problem of adding chemical agents. environmental pollution.

The principle of electrochemical water treatment technology: Ruthenium iridium titanium anode

The main principle of electrochemical water treatment technology is to use the electrochemical redox reaction of titanium electrodes to remove Ca2+ and Mg2+ in the water in the form of solid adsorption to the cathode, reduce the hardness of the water body, and at the same time produce some strong oxidizing substances, inhibiting the cooling cycle. The growth of bacteria and algae in the water system achieves the function of sterilization and algae killing.

Under the action of current, water undergoes an electrolysis reaction at the cathode to generate hydroxide ions. The hydroxide ions generated by the cathode reaction break the balance of alkalinity and hardness in the solution near the cathode. At the same time, the calcium and magnesium ions in the water are under the action of the electric field. Migrating to the cathode area, calcium carbonate and magnesium hydroxide are respectively formed to precipitate and precipitate. At the same time, under the action of the electric field, calcium carbonate crystallizes on the surface of the cathode plate, which is easy to peel off and remove.

Electrochemistry is not a simple process, it includes a variety of mechanisms and reaction processes such as physics, chemistry and biology, which can be considered to be completed by the joint action of various factors. Under the action of the electric field, the chloride ions in the water will be oxidized into free chlorine components such as chlorine gas, hypochlorous acid, and hypochlorite radicals. The electrolytic chlorination mainly works through hypochlorous acid. Hypochlorous acid is a small neutral molecule that can oxidize and destroy bacteria and cause bacteria to die. In the electrocatalytic reaction, some short-lived intermediate products are generated on the surface of the electrode through the electrolysis of water and the oxygen dissolved in the water. These strong oxidizing substances can oxidize various components in the microbial cells, thereby causing irreversible changes in the microorganisms. And death.

Advantages of using electrochemical water treatment equipment

The electrolysis system is controlled by microcomputer, fully automatic operation, convenient and simple maintenance, small footprint, light weight, convenient and flexible installation.

Free from adding chemical water treatment agents, green and environmental protection, no pollutant discharge, water saving, energy saving, and improving production efficiency.

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