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Definition and characteristics of pure titanium

Definition and characteristics of pure titanium

Issue Time:2021/09/24
What is industrial pure titanium? What are the characteristics?

Commercial pure Titanium is dense metal titanium with at least 99% titanium content and a small number of impurities such as iron, carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and hydrogen. The materials of pure titanium include pure titanium plate, pure titanium rod, pure titanium tube, pure titanium wire. The finished products of pure titanium materials include pure titanium machined parts, pure titanium fasteners, pure titanium pipe fittings, pure titanium equipment, etc.

The impurities that most strongly affect the mechanical properties of pure titanium are oxygen, ammonia and iron, especially oxygen. The reaction between hydrogen and titanium is reversible, and the effect of hydrogen on the performance of titanium is mainly manifested as "hydrogen embrittledness", which usually stipulates that the hydrogen content should not exceed 0.015%, generally containing 0.15%~0.3% oxygen and 0.03%0.05% hydrogen. Although the industrial pure titanium is densely packed hexagonal lattice (A) at room temperature, its axis is relatively small (C/A =1.587), and it has good machinability. Pure titanium has good forming and welding properties and is not sensitive to heat treatment.
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