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IPhone14 high-end models probably use titanium alloy

IPhone14 high-end models probably use titanium alloy

Sep 24,2021
 Titanium alloy materials that may be used in iPhones include titanium wire,titanium bolts, and precision parts.       

The iPhone 13 series has not yet determined when it will be released, and the iPhone 14 series has already begun to break the news in advance. Of course, these revelations are still in the forecast stage. According to the "Science Innovation Board Daily" news, a latest report from JPMorgan Chase predicted that the high-end models of the iPhone 14 series may use titanium alloys, which will be exclusively supplied by Hon Hai company.

What is a titanium alloy? Titanium alloy is a variety of alloy metals made of titanium and other metals. It has the advantages of high strength, good corrosion resistance and high heat resistance. Titanium alloy materials that may be used in iPhones include titanium wire, titanium bolts, and precision parts.It is commonly used in aero engines and is a new important structure in the aerospace industry Material. Some mobile phone manufacturers have tried to use this material on mobile phones, but the price will undoubtedly increase. It is also possible for the high-end models of the iPhone 14 series to use a titanium alloy body.We are a professional titanium pcoessing supplier in China.Our company’s titanium alloy wire and titanium alloy rod can be used in the manufacture of Apple mobile phones parts.

As for the release time, JPMorgan Chase believes that Apple may launch the iPhone 14 in the second half of 2022.


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