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Corrosion resistance of titanium vs stainless steel,and its performance in common solutions

Corrosion resistance of titanium vs stainless steel,and its performance in common solutions

Sep 25,2021
The dullness of  titanium  depends on the presence of oxide film, and its corrosion resistance is much better in oxidizing media than in reducing media, where rapid corrosion can occur.Titanium in some corrosive media corrosion performance is superior,such as seawater,wet chlorine,chlorite and secondary atmosphere acid solution, nitric acid, acid, metal chloride,sulfide and organic acids. However,titanium generally corrodes more quickly in media that react with it to produce hydrogen,such as hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid. However, adding a small amount of oxidant to the acid will cause titanium to form a passivation film, delaying its corrosion, so titanium is resistant to corrosion in a mixture of strong sulfuric acid to nitric acid or hydrochloric acid to nitric acid,even in hydrochloric acid containing free chlorine. 

The protective oxide film of titanium is often formed when the metal touch water even in small amounts or in the presence of steam.Rapid oxidation occurs when titanium is exposed to a highly oxidizing environment in the absence of any water,p roduces a violent combustionTitanium and fuming nitric acid containing excess hydrogen oxide, titanium and dry chlorine, such behavior should have occurred.
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