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Application and status quo of lightweight automotive titanium alloy materials.titanium engine bolts.

Application and status quo of lightweight automotive titanium alloy materials.titanium engine bolts.

Nov 4,2021
Studies have shown that for every 0.1t reduction in a car, it can save up to 0.6L/100km of fuel and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 11g/100km. A large number of studies have proved that lightweighting of cars is very important for reducing fuel consumption and meeting energy-saving and environmental protection requirements. effect. At the same time, for new energy vehicles, lightweight vehicles can not only save energy, but also increase the vehicle's cruising range and extend battery life under the same battery capacity. It can be seen that the lightweight of electric vehicles also plays an important role in improving the performance of electric vehicles. In addition, reducing the mass of the car can also reduce the burden of the suspension system, reduce the inertia of the car, and protect the car.
Ford's new lightweight car uses a variety of lightweight materials to reduce its own weight by nearly 25%
All-titanium cars were first developed by American General Motors in 1956 as "Firebird II" cars. However, due to the high prices of titanium and titanium alloys, their application in the automotive field has been limited. In the 1950s, Japan began to develop titanium and titanium alloy auto parts. In the 1960s, titanium was used in racing engines. It was not until the end of the 20th century that titanium and titanium alloys were widely used with the development of luxury cars. With the emergence and development of titanium alloys, titanium alloys have begun to be widely used in the manufacture of ordinary automobiles.
Studies have confirmed that a 20kg steel automobile power valve part has the same effect as a 0.8kg titanium alloy part, but its quality is reduced by 96%. Using titanium alloys to make automobile engine valves can reduce weight by 30% to 40% and increase the maximum speed. For the shock absorption system, studies have shown that it is feasible in many aspects to completely replace the original steel spring with a titanium alloy spring, which can reduce the weight by 43%.
Titanium and titanium alloys are commonly used in exhaust systerms.Using titanium mufflers instead of stainless steel mufflers can reduce weight by about 40%. Chevrolet Corvette Z06 has successfully implemented this replacement, ensuring that the quality of the system remains unchanged. Lighter, faster and save fuel. Studies have also shown that if all the traditional parts in a 1500kg mid-size car are replaced with titanium alloy parts, the weight of the entire vehicle will be reduced by about 500kg, which can also greatly reduce fuel consumption.
At present, my country has the ability to produce titanium and titanium alloys, but due to the high price of titanium alloys and sensitivity to process parameters, the application of titanium alloys in auto parts has been restricted. Titanium alloys have poor fluidity and casting defects are easy to form in castings. Therefore, the requirements for equipment and conditions for titanium alloy casting and processing are relatively high. This is one of the important reasons why titanium alloy parts are not favored by automobile manufacturers. With the rapid improvement of my country's scientific and technological level, the research and development of titanium and titanium alloys has attracted much attention, which will inevitably make titanium alloys develop towards low cost and high quality.titanium fasteners motorcycle bolts.titanium alloy materials.titanium engine bolts.titanium car bolts.titanium wheel bolts.         
The picture below shows the titanium alloy super sports car-opening the titanium alloy supermarket for automobiles.

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