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Analysis of the Key Role of Metal Oxide Coatings on Titanium Anodes

Analysis of the Key Role of Metal Oxide Coatings on Titanium Anodes

May 27,2024
Titanium anode, also known as DSA anode due to its lightweight and flexible manufacturing process, has significant advantages compared to other similar anodes.
Firstly, the titanium anode has high dimensional stability, and the electrode spacing remains constant during the electrolysis process, ensuring smooth electrolysis operations at a stable battery voltage. Secondly, its operating voltage is low, power consumption is small, and DC power consumption can be reduced by 10-20%, effectively saving energy. Furthermore, titanium anodes have a long service life and strong corrosion resistance, ensuring long-term stable operation.
In addition, titanium anode overcomes the dissolution problem of graphite anode and lead anode, avoids contamination of electrolyte and cathode products, and thus improves the purity of metal products. Its high current density, small overpotential, and high electrode catalytic activity significantly improve production efficiency. At the same time, titanium anodes can also avoid short circuit problems that may occur after deformation of lead anodes, improving current efficiency.
The shape of the titanium anode is easy to manufacture, with high accuracy, and the titanium substrate can be reused, reducing production costs. More importantly, titanium anodes have low overpotential characteristics, and bubbles on the electrode surface are easily eliminated, effectively reducing the voltage of the electrolytic cell. So, what is the role of the metal oxide coating on the titanium anode? It mainly enhances conductivity and electrocatalytic activity by covering different coatings, thereby promoting the electrolysis reaction process and ensuring that the anode has a longer service life in different usage environments, achieving the expected usage effect.
As for the coating thickness, although the content of precious metals is the key to ensuring the normal operation of anode products, the thickness is not a direct determining factor. The thickness of the coating mainly depends on the number of brushes and solvent concentration, and is not directly related to the content of precious metals. Thick coatings are more prone to detachment at the contact points, therefore, careful control is required during the coating preparation process to achieve optimal results.
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