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The difference and use of white titanium mesh and black titanium mesh.Baoji MMR is titanium mesh supplier.

The difference and use of white titanium mesh and black titanium mesh.Baoji MMR is titanium mesh supplier.

Dec 29,2021
One,Materials in common:
Both the white titanium mesh and the black titanium mesh are produced by pure titanium wire. The grade of pure titanium wire is usually TA1, which has the advantages of high elongation, high titanium content, high mechanical strength and easy processing.
Two,The common point of craftsmanship
The processing methods and machinery are exactly the same—all using plain weave square hole weaving, and the raw material wire diameter, material, elongation, tensile strength testing methods and testing instruments are consistent. They are all produced by mechanical processing of shuttleless woven nets. Warp knitting, mesh leveling, and laser cutting processes are the same.
Three、Packaging common points
uses the same packaging: the inner packaging is made of bubble cushion for waterproofing, and the outer packaging is packed in a glued wooden box to prevent squeezing and collision.
Four,The only difference
The only difference is the surface: the white surface has no impurities, and the black surface has a layer of brushed graphite emulsion.
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The surface of the white titanium mesh does not contain any impurities. It is suitable for use in ion-exchange membrane electrolyzer titanium mesh anode, anodizing experiment, catalyst carrier support mesh, pure chemical liquid filter mesh and other non-contaminated solution filtering.
The surface of the black titanium mesh contains a brushed graphite emulsion coating, which is suitable for seawater desalination titanium filter and chemical filtration. The surface coating can slow down the corrosion of the titanium substrate and prolong the service life.

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