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Main application areas of titanium alloy forgings and titanium forgings

Main application areas of titanium alloy forgings and titanium forgings

Dec 24,2021
In the application of various titanium alloy products, forgings are mostly used in gas turbine compressor discs and medical artificial bones that require high strength, high toughness and high reliability. Therefore, not only high dimensional accuracy is required for forgings, but also materials with excellent characteristics and high stability are required. For this reason, it is necessary to give full play to the characteristics of titanium alloys in the manufacturing process of titanium forgings to obtain high-quality forgings. Titanium alloy is difficult to forge and is prone to cracks. Therefore, the most important thing in the production of titanium alloy forgings is to properly control the forging temperature and plastic deformation.
Application areas of titanium alloy forgings:

1,aerospace field
50% of the world's titanium materials are used in the aerospace field. Thirty percent of the body of military aircraft uses titanium alloys, and the amount of titanium in civil aircraft is gradually increasing. In the aerospace field, titanium alloy forgings are used in the fuel tanks of rocket and satellite propulsion engines,the shells of attitude control engines, the blades of liquid fuel turbo pumps and the inlet section of suction pumps.
2,Steam turbine blades for power generation
Thermal power generation steam turbines to increase the blade length is an effective measure to improve power generation efficiency, but lengthening the blades will increase the load on the rotor. 
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