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What preparations should be done before welding zirconium pipe fittings?

What preparations should be done before welding zirconium pipe fittings?

Dec 17,2021

1. The construction site of zirconium pipe fittings should be equipped with a fixed welding material warehouse or a mobile welding material warehouse that meets the requirements.
2. The welding wire used should have a quality certificate or a material certificate.
What preparations should be done before welding zirconium pipe fittings? .
3. Before using the welding wire, use acetone or alcohol to remove the grease and other impurities on the surface. It is strictly forbidden to use a type of chlorinated hydrocarbon as a degreasing solvent. Use it within 30 minutes after cleaning, otherwise it should be cleaned again before use.

Two,It is very important to protect the argon gas to ensure the purity of the argon gas used.

Three, machinery

The welding machine for zirconium pipe fittings should be a special argon arc welding machine with a high-frequency arc ignition device, with a remote control current device and a water cooler. Welding wire barrels, planing hammers (surface surfacing stainless steel layer), stainless steel wire brushes, files and other tools should be prepared and special tools should be used, and degreasing and cleaning should be carried out on a regular basis. It should also be equipped with a small flashlight, endoscope, misalignment detector, contact thermometer, and air cooler (if available on-site device air cooling).

Four, operating conditions

The welder of zirconium pipe fittings should hold ASME 1X certificate. Try to weld in the indoor prefabrication plant. If it is installed on site, no matter what the environment is, a shelter should be set up. If the ambient temperature is lower than 15℃, it should be preheated to above 15℃ before welding, and the distance from the welding machine to the weldment should not be greater than 5m.

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