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Analysis of Factors Affecting the Quality of Titanium Pipelines and Control Measures.

Analysis of Factors Affecting the Quality of Titanium Pipelines and Control Measures.

Dec 16,2021
There are many types of titanium alloys, so titanium pipe processing techniques and methods are different, and there are many factors that affect the quality of pipes. The main influencing factors and control measures are listed below.

One,Alloy quality:
Problem Description:
The formation of high-density inclusions, segregation or brittle and hard phases leads to uneven pipe formation, cracks or even cracks during pipe preparation.

Control measures:
1. Use multiple vacuum consumable smelting.
2. Reduce the melting current to slow down the melting speed.
3. Use a good electron beam cooling bed furnace for smelting.

Two,The quality of tube blank:
Problem Description:
1. Extruded titanium pipe billet has fine structure and good plasticity, but the equipment is complicated and the investment is large;
2. The structure of the slanted-rolled and pierced tube blank is relatively coarse, the plasticity is poor, and the surface quality is good.

Control measures:
1. Extrusion Ding Yi is suitable for the production of titanium pipes with low strength and high dimensional accuracy.
2. The cross-rolling piercing process is suitable for the production of titanium tube billets with higher strength and fixed specifications and larger batches.

Three,Heat treatment system:
Problem Description:
Too high temperature will lead to coarse structure, too low will lead to under-annealing, residual stress and work hardening cannot be eliminated, which will affect subsequent processing and finished product performance.

Control measures:
1. For each batch of materials, the alloy phase transition point must be accurately measured.
2. A reasonable heat treatment process can be formulated based on the addition of the T path of the pipe and the mechanical properties of the alloy.
3. Strictly control the heat treatment atmosphere.

Four,the amount of deformation:
Problem Description:
1. Excessive deformation of the titanium pipe will lead to poor surface quality, cracks, cracks, etc.
2. If the deformation is small, the coarse original crystal grains cannot be broken, the mechanical properties of the pipe are low, and the production efficiency is low.

Control measures:
1. Arrange the processing passes reasonably according to the allowable pass deformation and the larger accumulated deformation.
2. Pay attention to the matching of Q value and deformation to make the pipe produce beneficial texture orientation.

Five,Lubrication process:
Problem Description:
High-efficiency lubricants can reduce plastic forming resistance, maintain pipe surface quality, prevent local overheating, and reduce tool and die wear.

Control measures:
1. Considering the titanium pipe forming process, choose a suitable lubricant according to the characteristics of the alloy.
2. Analyze the dissection process and accurately design the combined lubricant.
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