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New era kitchen needs​-titanium milk pan.

New era kitchen needs​-titanium milk pan.

Nov 22,2021
Titanium milk pan is a pot made of 99.5% metallic titanium as the contact layer, pure aluminum as the middle layer, magnetic 430 stainless steel as the bottom layer, three-layer composite structure, and one-piece pressed shape. Titanium metal is a metal that is resistant to acid, alkali and corrosion. The pot made of titanium is easy to clean, will not rust, and has antibacterial effect. The biggest advantage of the titanium pan is that it is safe, healthy and non-toxic, and heavy metals will not be precipitated. Long-term use of the titanium pan for cooking will not have any impact on your health.

Recently, the wind of the small milk pot has blown in the household kitchenware. Not only is the small and cute shape aroused bursts of girls’ hearts, but it is also made of titanium, which is a "healthy metal recognized in the world". It has also begun to arouse the love of life. Our attention is that titanium is a metal-friendly material that can naturally inhibit bacteria and has no effect on human autonomic nerves and taste nerves. It is often used in high-tech products and human implants. Compared with stainless steel's heavy metal precipitation and poor corrosion resistance, titanium is healthier!
The main recommendation for this milk pan is its material. Titanium is a healthy metal, which is a very ideal kitchen material. A very safe and healthy titanium milk pan that uses titanium’s non-harmful metal precipitation (the only metal that can cook traditional Chinese medicine). Material), strong corrosion resistance (aqua regia can not corrode) and other characteristics.

Titanium milk pan meets the needs of the kitchen in the new era and pays more attention to the safety of family members. The three-layer composite pot body design is strong and durable, and the heat conduction is even! A variety of foods can be made in one pot, suitable for a variety of heat sources, and medium and small fires can achieve high fire effects. Healthy foods made with titanium pots maintain the original taste and no loss of nutrition. Family members can eat healthier and more assured!

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