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Analysis of the application of titanium bicycle tube sets in bicycles

Analysis of the application of titanium bicycle tube sets in bicycles

Oct 25,2021
Most of the parts are machined with titaniun bike bars,titanium flat bar road bike,titanium bike fastener and titanium tube.Since the bicycle industry is the same as the sailing industry, its technology is not as mature as in the aviation industry. Most companies spend less on development and research than on sales. Therefore, if the processing plant wants to sell materials to the bicycle manufacturer, it must be researched. Do some responsibilities. The bicycle industry has used steel as a material for 100 years, and there are very few areas that need to be improved. Therefore, only a very small number of engineers are engaged in research. Generally speaking, steel bicycle pipe processing plants are better than frame manufacturers on how to produce a durable bicycle frame. Know a lot more. The use of titanium tubes in bicycle and wheelchair frames was formed in the mid-1980s. The application of titanium has developed extremely fast, but just as these small markets began to heat up, the application of titanium slowed down worldwide. When more and more cyclists begin to understand the benefits of titanium, they feel ashamed. The TI-3AL-2.5V frame made of aviation-quality tubing is priced between 1,600 and 3,500 US dollars per pair. The price of the entire bike ranges from US$2,400 to US$6,000. In the past four years, frames made of industrial pure titanium tubes and non-aerospace TI-3AL-2.5V (sports-grade) titanium alloys are very popular. The lowest price for a bicycle is $1,700. In 1985, the purchasing power of titanium for frame use was zero. In 1990, it reached approximately US$1.5 million. By the end of 1995, the purchasing power was approximately US$5 million.Image
Bicycle components refer to the crankshaft positioner, pedals, handlebars, etc. connected to the frame. The titanium component industry is developing faster than the TI-3AL-2.5V frame industry, and most of the components are produced with Ti-6AI-4V , Most of the parts are machined with titanium rods or titanium plates. The purchasing power of Ti-6A1-4V for parts is only 1/3 of TI-3AL-2.5V frame, about 10t in 1997. Casting parts are becoming more and more common, but the development in this area may be slower than the development of machined parts. Titanium suppliers have begun to provide titanium parts manufacturers with cheap materials. Most of this low-cost bicycle-grade materials are actually Obsolete aviation materials. Compactness, rigidity, and light weight are the general requirements of bicycles for driving specifications. Titanium is often not the best material, while wrought aluminum and cast aluminum are more popular. If the price of titanium matrix composites (MMCs) drops, it may be possible Become a substitute for some current aluminum application markets. The material requirements of the frame are very simple, but the driving characteristics are particularly critical, which complicates the selection of materials in some aspects. Most vehicles, structural elements and internal facilities and operating elements are separated. Until recently, all bicycle frames required With structural integrity and suspension function. Introduction There is no titanium alloy specifically designed for bicycles. Only some materials have been improved for bicycles. Most people consider cost reduction, and the main problem that titanium parts face is rigidity rather than cost. Ti-3Al-2..5V is the most commonly used titanium alloy for bicycles. Although it is developed for aircraft hydraulic systems, it is due to formability and corrosion resistance. The high fatigue strength to weight ratio and good elongation make it meet the bicycle market performance standards. Compared with other titanium alloys, the biggest advantage of Ti-3Al-2.5V is the yield strength and easy tube forming. The disadvantage is its price and mold. The ratio of quantity to density is poor. It is not easy to extrude Ti-3Al-2.5V as the dominant frame material. Ti-6AI-4V also has a certain attraction. Its modulus and strength are higher than Ti-3Al-2.5V, but it is difficult to process it into a tube with a small diameter like a bicycle frame. Ti-15V-3Al-6Cr-4Mo-4Zr is also easy to shape, but its higher density and lower modulus offset its advantages in strength improvement.Image
   If the titanium industry is interested in the development of titanium alloy sporting goods industry, including bicycles and wheelchairs, it must advertise not only to the producers, but also to the end users of the products. After the failure of the titanium frame in the 1970s, although the reputation of titanium has improved due to the excellent performance of the Ti-3A1-2.5V tube, it is vulnerable to the threat of the cheap industrial pure titanium frame currently entering the market, plus There are some small companies producing titanium frames that do not have the knowledge and resources necessary to create successful titanium products. These will affect the reputation of titanium in the bicycle industry and other consumer products. This problem has been encountered in the sailing industry a few years ago. I’ve been to the high-tech sailing boat market, and titanium is still banned from being used on racing sailing boats. Such problems can be avoided through publicity.


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