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What are the characteristics and application fields of tantalum?

What are the characteristics and application fields of tantalum?

Update Time:2021/12/16
Tantalum has a series of excellent properties such as high melting point, low vapor pressure, good cold working performance, high chemical stability, strong resistance to liquid metal corrosion, and large surface oxide film dielectric constant. Therefore, tantalum has important applications in high-tech fields such as electronics, metallurgy, steel, chemical, cemented carbide, atomic energy, superconducting technology, automotive electronics, aerospace, medical and health, and scientific research.

50%-70% of tantalum in the world is used in the production of tantalum capacitors in the form of capacitor-grade tantalum powder and tantalum wire. Since the surface of tantalum can form a dense and stable amorphous oxide film with high dielectric strength, it is easy to accurately and conveniently control the anodic oxidation process of the capacitor. At the same time, the sintered tantalum powder can obtain a large surface area in a small volume, so tantalum Capacitors have high capacitance, low leakage current, low equivalent series resistance, good high and low temperature characteristics, long service life, excellent comprehensive performance, and other capacitors are difficult to match. It is widely used in communications (switches, mobile phones, pagers, Fax machines, etc.), computers, automobiles, household and office electrical appliances, instrumentation, aerospace, national defense and military industry and other industrial and technological sectors. Therefore, tantalum is an extremely versatile functional material.
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