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What is a tungsten copper alloy, and what are its classifications?

What is a tungsten copper alloy, and what are its classifications?

Update Time:2021/11/1

Tungsten copper alloy is an alloy composed of tungsten and copper. Commonly used alloys contain 10% to 50% copper. The alloy is prepared by powder metallurgy, which has good electrical and thermal conductivity, good high-temperature strength and certain plasticity. At very high temperatures, such as above 3000°C, the copper in the alloy is liquefied and evaporated, absorbing a large amount of heat, and reducing the surface temperature of the material. So this kind of material is also called metal sweating material.

Since the two metals of tungsten and copper are incompatible with each other, tungsten-copper alloy has the low expansion, wear resistance, corrosion resistance of tungsten and the high electrical and thermal conductivity of copper,  and it is suitable for various mechanical processing. Tungsten-copper alloys can be produced according to user requirements for tungsten-copper ratio production and size processing. Tungsten copper alloys generally use the powder metallurgy process, firstly powder-mixing-batch-pressing-molding-sintering infiltration. 

Tungsten copper alloy including:tungsten copper electrode, tungsten copper alloy rod, tungsten copper electronic packaging sheet, tungsten copper tube, tungsten copper alloy  wire.

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